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Mark R. Wasden graduated from the University of Idaho College of Law in 1991. He is a published author of the Idaho Law Review, State vs. Thompson, 26 Idaho L Rev 385 (1990), and thereafter served on the editorial board.

Mr. Wasden clerked for Judge Daniel B. Meehl, District Judge, and for Judge J. William Hart, Administrative District Judge before entering private practice. Mr. Wasden then began practice in the Magic Valley.

Mr. Wasden is admitted to all courts in Idaho. He has served on numerous boards, including the Idaho Trial Lawyers Association Board of Governors. He is also a past member of the Twin Falls Public Library Trustees.

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About Wasden Law Offices

Thank you for contacting Wasden Law Offices about your injury claim.  Today’s modern world brings with it many conveniences and advantages, but it also has created a complex legal system.  At Wasden Law Offices, we feel that we can provide a better service to the public by limiting our practice to a few areas of the law.  Our attorneys and staff are well trained and thoroughly practiced in limited areas of the law.  This increases our depth of experience and knowledge in your case and you receive more competent legal representation. 

Additionally, those people who are in need of help in injury claims have lost wages, are in financial difficulty as a result of the injury, and are therefore unable to pay for attorney services.  For that reason, Wasden Law Offices is retained on a contingency basis, which means we are paid based on a percentage of the amount that we recover.  If no recovery is made, then there is no attorney fee.  If we are unable to obtain any additional recovery for you, we lose the time and effort that we have put in.  If we were to charge you on an hourly basis, there would be attorney fees to pay regardless of the outcome.