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Our personal injury lawyers have been practicing for over 25 years. We have the expertise to cover a variety of cases including motor vehicle collisions, premises liability and worker's compensation.

What is Personal Injury?

A personal injury case involves any situation where you are injured due to the fault of another.  If you are covered under workers’ compensation, you normally do not have a separate personal injury claim against your employer or co-workers for injuries suffered on the job.  However, personal injury cases may include injuries that occurred on the job if your injury was caused by someone not connected with your employer.  In some cases, even if you are partially to blame for the accident, you may be able to recover a portion of your damages.

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Personal Injury Examples

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents & Collisions
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Intentional Wrongs
  • Auto Accidents

If your injuries are quite serious or if your case has complex legal questions, it sometimes becomes necessary to file a lawsuit and proceed with preparation for trial.

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