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Who is Covered by Workers' Compensation?

Everyone who works for wages, whether the employer is a public entity or a private business.  There are a few exceptions to this rule, but even these exceptions are subject to interpretation.

What Qualifies as Workers' Compensation?

Any injury that occurs while you are performing an assigned task for your employer, no matter where that task may be.  Many illnesses, also called occupational diseases, may be covered if we can prove they are caused by your working conditions.

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    Getting Started with Workers' Compensation

Basic Steps

  1. Report an accident or injury to your supervisor immediately.
  2. Ask that a Notice of Injury be filed with the Idaho Industrial Commission.
  3. If you believe you need medical attention, see a doctor as soon as possible. (Tell the doctor how it happened and every part of you that hurts.)
  4. Follow your doctor’s orders – and ask about what you shouldn’t physically do.
  5. Do not sign anything without legal advice.
  6. Do not give a statement to an insurance representative or investigator without legal advice.
  7. If your claim is denied, investigated, or if you are confused, call our office immediately.

If your injuries are quite serious or if your case has complex legal questions, it sometimes becomes necessary to file a lawsuit and proceed with preparation for trial. Our workers' compensation lawyers are here to help.

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